Vertical Mast Lift – Electric – 12ft

Mast Lift Electric 12ft (3.6m) Snorkel-TM12

Vertical Mast Lift – Electric – 12ft

Personnel Lifts Hire
With our personnel lifts for hire, there is no longer any need to use unsafe ladders. At Worksite Rentals, you can hire personel lifts in Parramatta for enhanced safety and efficiency. Whether you need personnel elevation for facility work or light maintenance work, our electric lifts help your personnel safely reach working heights up to 10 metres.
Hire Advanced Personnel Lifts in Parramatta
Our personnel lifts for hire feature advanced technical input systems. These man lifts are ideally suited for maintenance tasks, construction sites, warehousing, and retail operations. Some of the main features of our lifts include:
• Compact design
• Designed for operator safety
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Allows working 360 degrees with both hands
• Safe, secure, and stable platform
• Quick and easy assembling and disassembling
You can hire personel lifts in Parramatta with the classic sliding rail mast design for convenience, efficiency, and saving space. All our lifts are sourced from leading global suppliers, using high-quality and reliable components. Most of our lifts are designed to fit through standard doorways.
Benefits of Man Lift Rentals
We offer a full inventory of man lifts for hire. You can choose from a variety of heights and platform sizes to meet the unique needs of your project. All the equipment undergoes regular safety inspections to ensure optimal safety at all times.
Some of the key benefits of hiring personnel lifts are as follows:
• Using man lifts for short-term or seasonal projects
• Perfect for tasks in narrow areas
• Completing projects on a small budget
Our experienced and qualified staff at Worksite Rentals is always here to assist you in choosing the right equipment and hire personel lifts in Parramatta. Our expertise in the field means that you will get recommendations for the lift that is best suited for your project.
If you need to hire personel lifts in Parramatta for your projects, call us today at 1300 340 340. You may also send us a message using this Contact Us form.

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Vertical Mast Lift – Electric – 12ft

Licences required

EWPA Yellow Card

Protective Equipment

  • Hard Hat
  • Hi-Vis Vest
  • Safety Boots


Working Height 5.6m
Platform Height 3.6m
Weight 910kg
Platform Capacity 227kg
Overall Width 0.76m
Platform Size 0.74m x 0.96m
Stowed Length 1.34m
Stowed Height 1.62m