Straight Boom – Diesel – 65ft

Straight Boom Diesel 65ft (19.81m) Genie-S65

Straight Boom – Diesel – 65ft

Easily complete heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial worksites with the Genie S-65 telescopic boom, up to 227 kg capacity.

What is a Straight Boom Lift?

Lifting your workers to a certain height to accomplish a job requires skill and the best machinery. You can’t rely on the security of ropes when it comes to medium heights. All you need is an ideal lift with the best versatile functionality and safety at your door. The second most important question is the large fortunes that you need to spend to buy this equipment. You don’t have to worry as we’re the trusted straight boom lift hire Sydney. We offer the best maintained straight boom lifts for the perfect execution of your jobs at minimal costs. We not only promise to help you but work hard to assist you in each step of the straight boom lift installation at your place.

Benefits of our Straight Boom Lift.

Why you have to go for straight boom lift hire? Saving on project expenses and ensuring the best services is synonyms with our cherry picker or a man lift. We offer multiple options in renting our straight boom lifts as.

  • The cherry picker name of straight boom lift makes it a known device in the farms. The straight boom lift hire best manages the hand-picking of seasonal fruits from treetops. The best part being you don’t pay for the full season as you require it in harvesting season only.
  • Execution of your household works like painting or storing is best met by local straight boom lift hire. You pay on an hourly basis only.
  • Services business thrives on the profit margins. Whether you’re in the construction business, lighting business, overhead installation business, straight boom lift hire Sydney promises to double your business. It is an easy, highly efficient and reliable piece of equipment at your client’s side.

Our straight boom lifts have a horizontal reach of more than 17 meters. It is easy to position using the 360 degrees continue rotation turntable. Our straight boom lift hire is lightweight, easy to control, and dedicated partners in your height-related chores.

Why Choose Us?

  • Supporting multiple businesses across the years.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed at all levels.
  • Efficient access equipment to reach the inaccessible business.
  • The easy and simple hiring process to provide the best equipment within stipulated time frames.
  • No-fuss delivery at your location.
  • Technical and reliable customer support to all clients.
  • Best rental prices in the straight boom lift hire Sydney.
  • Excellent machinery to survive your work’s harshness.
  • Promises to keep your input costs lower.
  • Our boom lifts work on the best hydraulic mechanism that is trusted over generations for lifting.
  • Professional staff to understand your requirements.
  • Ensures the best safety of your workforce at all heights.

We believe in delivering the straight boom lift hire to all businesses, irrespective of your volume. You’re a farm, a company, a conglomerate, etc, let Worksite Rentals take care of your lifting needs. You don’t need to be an engineer to choose the best straight boom lift as our professionals will do your homework.

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Straight Boom – Diesel – 65ft

Licences required

EWP High Risk Work Licence

Protective Equipment

  • Hard Hat
  • Harness
  • Safety Boots


Working Height 21.8m
Platform Height 19.8m
Weight 10,349kg
Platform Capacity 227kg
Overall Width 2.49m
Platform Size 0.91m x 2.44m
Stowed Length 9.5m
Stowed Height 2.72m