Cherry Picker Hire Sydney

Workers often have to access and inspect elevated structures during construction projects. This can be an issue during the early stages of construction when there are no safe staircases or elevators to provide access. Heavy equipment like cherry picker lifts can help you reach these elevated sections. At Worksite Rentals, we provide state-of-the-art cranes for your project at affordable rates. You can rent well-maintained equipment for a fixed duration and get work done efficiently. Our cherry picker hire is always reliable and safe to use on a construction site. Enquire Now

What is a Cherry Picker Lift

A cherry picker lift is a specially designed crane with an extendable arm and a railed box. The railed box has guards on all four sides and a small gate that allows people to climb onto it comfortably. Once the gate is secured, an operator can move the arm and extend it in different directions. People standing in the box can comfortably reach elevated sections of the project.

Cherry picker lifts are designed to transport humans and have several safety measures to ensure there are no accidents. These cranes are versatile, flexible, and reliable, which is why you can find them on almost every construction site. They can be used for almost every type of aerial work.

Uses of Cherry Picker Lift

Our local cherry picker lift hire Sydney is popular as it has multiple applications. Construction companies, landscaping agencies, painters, plumbers, line workers, and roof repair technicians rent these cranes to reach elevated areas. Here’s a look at some of the most common uses of cherry picker lifts:

  • Fixing Overhead Lines – Cherry picker lifts are often used by line workers and electricians to fix overhead lines or install new ones. They provide an easy, convenient, and safe access to these elevated structures so workers can finish their job quickly.
  • Construction Sites – Our cherry picker hire Sydney is a common sight in construction projects in and around Sydney. It is used for inspection, installations, repairs, and for tasks like painting the sidewall.
  • Landscaping – The lifts make it easier for landscapers to prune large trees and cut overhanging branches. The cherry picker basket has enough room to store equipment like chainsaws, blades, and pruning scissors.

These cranes are also used in rescue work and to add scaffolding around buildings. People also use them in large warehouses to transport personnel and equipment.

Why Choose Us

Renting heavy equipment can help you save a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs, storage, transport, and other related expenses. However, it is important to partner with a reliable and trustworthy access hire equipment company. Faulty or poorly maintained equipment can place your workers at risk and cause considerable damage to your project.

We’re a team of experienced professionals with hands-on experience with construction projects. Our members understand the worksite conditions and the importance of good-quality equipment. All our machines are from reliable manufacturers and are well-maintained. We have a diligent inspection schedule and perform prompt repairs. You can trust that our cherry picker hire Sydney will always deliver a good performance on site.

Local Cherry Picker Hire Process

Our hire process is fairly straightforward. Clients can submit an enquiry through our online form or call directly. Our sales representative will ask a few questions to understand your requirements before providing a tailored quote. Once you approve of the quote, our team will send all of the required paperwork for signing and documentation before finalising the hire.

A team will transport the cherry picker hire Sydney to any location in NSW promptly. We will provide consistent maintenance and support throughout the rental period and pick up the equipment at the end of it.

If you want to know more about cherry picker hire Sydney, get in touch with us at Worksite Rentals. You can call 1300 340 340 or use our contact us form to make enquiries.