Boom Lift Hire Sydney

Boom lifts are a common sight in most construction projects. They are versatile and efficient machines that provide convenient access to different areas on a construction site. At Worksite Rentals, we have well-maintained boom lift hire for all kinds of construction projects. We provide heavy equipment at an affordable rate and offer tailored solutions to our clients. If you’re looking for a good-quality boom lift for renting, we can help.

What is a Boom Lift

A boom lift is a versatile piece of heavy equipment that helps people access difficult areas. These lifts move horizontally and vertically in different directions. They have a significant reach which allows workers to access the more remote sections of a building. Boom lifts are used for everything from construction to rescue work. They're designed to handle a lot of loads and are safe for personnel transport.

These lifts can help you access areas that scissor or forklifts can't reach. The telescopic arm can extend or retract according to the user's requirements. You can safely work at any elevation without a ladder or scaffolding.

Types of Boom Lifts

There are two different types of local boom lift hire available in our store. You can choose one based on your project requirements or discuss with our expert to determine which option is suitable for the project.

  • Straight or Telescopic Boom Lifts – A telescopic boom lift has a single, straight extendable arm that reaches forward across a fixed distance. It is suitable for large areas and structures with straight sides. It is not a good choice for small, tight construction sites or oddly shaped buildings.
  • Articulating or Knuckle Boom Lifts – These lifts are designed to reach small spaces and curve around tight corners. They have arms with multiple joints that can move in different directions. Knuckle boom lifts are more flexible but tend to have a shorter reach.

Many construction sites need both kinds of boom lift hire to reach different areas of the property. These machines are designed to handle all kinds of terrain and remain stable. They can carry loads safely to elevated locations when used correctly.

What is Boom Lift Used For

Boom lifts have multiple applications based and are very useful tools. They can be used at almost every stage of construction. Here’s a look at some of the most common uses of these tools:

  • Many construction companies use boom lifts to erect scaffolding around the building.
  • They can be used to add lights and signs on the building, which helps improve the overall safety of the project site.
  • Boom lifts provide comfortable access to the exterior walls of the building. Construction workers use it to pain siding walls, windows, and even roof installations.

These are just some of the many uses of a lift. We have different sizes and combinations of the equipment so you can find something that fits your project perfectly.

Why Choose Us

If you want a construction project to go smoothly, you need good-quality equipment. We have the latest and most sophisticated boom lift hire in our store. All our tools are from well-established manufacturers and built according to the established safety standards. We have a strict maintenance schedule to ensure they are always in good working order.

Our team also provides remote assistance and keeps a track record of all issues with the machinery. This allows us to fix most performance problems remotely and ensure the project remains on track.

If you want to know more about boom lift hire Sydney, get in touch with us at Worksite Rentals. You can call 1300 340 340 or use our contact us form to make enquiries.